Financial Oversight

I’m a CIMA qualified accountant and that means that I’m all about the internal management of numbers. I can help you analyse your past data and forecast for the future. Ultimately I want to set up processes that allow you to access the data and figures that you need to make good decisions, in a format that works for you.

Business Planning

I help entrepreneurs at every stage of the journey: you may be thinking about starting up a company, have just started up or perhaps you’re more established with a few years under your belt. No matter what stage, I can help you with business planning for where you’re at and develop a strategy for growth going forwards.

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People Operations

I am passionate about creating trust-based workplaces where people feel empowered and enabled to do their best. If you have struggled to hire the right people, or perhaps you’re looking to embed best practice in your recruitment, culture and general people processes then get in touch.